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Shi Chen worked with LONGi to develop a science-based carbon reduction target (SBTi) with timeframe and implementation plan towards carbon neutrality.


LONGi, a global leading solar technology company, enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Shi Chen to develop SBTi and roadmap for reducing carbon emissions to align with the 1.5-degree climate targets. Furthermore, LONGi was also interested in developing a portfolio of goal, pathway, and timeframe towards achieving carbon neutrality as early as possible.


The science-based target and carbon neutrality goal required Shi Chen to:

  • Analyze the carbon emissions data in Scope 1-3 of LONGi and identify the carbon emissions reduction challenges and opportunities.
  • Utilize the current carbon emissions characteristics, the projected company scales and business, and the company’s low-carbon commitments to project the future emissions.
  • Propose a timeframe and action scheme for carbon neutrality target.
  • Identify the risks to achieve the carbon reduction target and evaluate the potential impacts of the risks.

Shi Chen then developed LONGi’s SBTi and recommended a carbon neutrality timeframe and implementation pathways. The step-by-step action plans were encapsulated into a comprehensive low-carbon action plan.

Potential Impact

Sage’s work will be used as recommendations for the Harris County Office of Sustainability for future climate action planning. Using an Equity Tool to screen proposed climate action strategies and prioritizing community engagement will ensure the County is making the most impactful and just decisions for the communities most vulnerable to climate change. The recommended equity practices and engagement methods will allow Harris County to develop a successful Climate Justice Action Plan that offers equitable and community-based climate strategies.

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