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Based on quantitative analysis, Jin Li supported LONGi’s brand building and strategic planning in addressing climate change.


In the context of addressing global climate change, LONGi joined the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and RE100 initiative, and announced that by 2028 at the latest it would use 100% renewable energy for its production and operations worldwide. However, the pathway towards RE100 is not yet clear, so a detailed study of specific realization options is needed to provide a clear direction for the company's carbon management.


1. Having in-depth discussions with colleagues in the Low Carbon Management Group to define the model methodology;

2. Communicating with colleagues in the Plant Affairs Department to obtain LONGi’s plant-level operational data;

3. Modelling the future production scale of LONGi’s several major products based on the industry development forecast model;

4. Forecasting LONGi's power consumption from 2021 to 2028 for existing and future new plants from a spatial perspective;

5. Forecasting the proportion of electricity consumed through rooftop PV, flat-rate green electricity and premium green electricity in different plants of LONGi from 2021 to 2028 from a spatial perspective;

6. Formulating policy recommendations for LONGi’s low-carbon development and renewable energy use. 

Potential Impact

Jin Li’s research results on the RE100 pathway can effectively support LONGi's strategic deployment to achieve the 100% renewable energy target for its production and operations worldwide. On the one hand, working out a specific RE100 pathway can help enhance LONGi's climate responsible brand image. On the other hand, LONGi can take a number of targeted measures to achieve the RE100 target. Jin Li’s research results can inspire LONGi to take concrete RE100 actions in three ways: building rooftop PV, tracking green electricity component of medium and long-term power purchase agreements, and purchasing green electricity certificates or participating in green electricity market trading.

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