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San Francisco, CA


Cici Saekow supported Lyft’s first carbon footprint verification and drafted the core of what will become Lyft’s first environmental impact report.


Lyft is a fast-growing transportation network company focused on improving lives with the world’s best transportation. In order to demonstrate that the organization is meeting its carbon neutrality commitments, Lyft enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Cici Saekow to verify its 2018 carbon footprint and to ensure that all carbon emissions during its commitment period are negated through the purchase of renewable energy certificates or carbon offset credits.


Working with an independent third-party auditor and building upon the work of Lyft’s previous EDF Climate Corps fellow, Saekow connected with various internal stakeholders and assessed Lyft’s growing operational activities. She then performed a deep carbon footprint analysis and developed a comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory according to the GHG Protocol. Finally, Saekow worked closely with the third-party auditor to ensure that Lyft’s claims of carbon neutrality are justified and valid.

Potential Impact

With the independent auditor, Saekow helped Lyft put its sustainability plan into action and ensured that Lyft could credibly claim carbon neutrality. In addition, Saekow drafted the core of what will become Lyft’s environmental impact report, helping the company to develop a framework for long-term reporting and allowing it to tell a credible story about its sustainability efforts.

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