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Engagement and Behavior Change, Food and Agriculture, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Mumbai, Maharashtra


Jatin Khaimani supported Mahindra Group in the compilation of a whitepaper on the impact of climate change on agriculture, in addition to aiding the Sustainability and Risk team with guidance of the company's agribusiness vertical.


Mahindra Group is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in India. The Swaraj division of group's flagship company, Mahindra & Mahindra, is a market leader in the farm tractor business.

Recognizing the foreseeable climate risks in agriculture, they enlisted Jatin to support the research study and prepare a whitepaper for business leaders. Additional goals included preparing concept notes on sustainability trends and other benchmarking exercises.


Jatin comprehended the company's sustainability vision through annual reports, investor materials, and interactions within the Sustainability Group. A research framework was established, outlining a whitepaper. He consulted with experts and identified key reports for a comprehensive view of global and Indian agriculture, emphasizing the latter.

Jatin's whitepaper efforts blended theory, graphics, and data, serving as the base for a presentation deck for business leaders in Swaraj. Jatin documented farm expert interviews and engaged think tanks, startups, and Climate Corps peers in his personal capacity. Collaborating with another fellow, Jatin surveyed cacao farms in Andhra Pradesh, grasping the first-hand account of impact climate change impacts in fields.

Potential Impact

Renowned for its aggressive growth, Mahindra Swaraj achieved world's largest tractor production in FY2022, holding 40% of India's domestic market. To foster sustainable practices, a meticulously researched whitepaper was created. Serving as a guide for risk assessment and leadership queries, the paper was shared with the business. With open-source accessibility, its impartial stance on climate-smart actions benefits a wide audience.

This summer fellowship holds vital importance for an upcoming Swaraj workshop. Jatin's secondary tasks furthered comprehension of trends, training, and future objectives. 

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