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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Mumbai, Maharashtra


Riddhi Mehan methodically outlined the climate-tech start-up space and structured an indicative CoE by comprehensively deriving the ESG ratings for Mahindra Group.


Mahindra Group is one of the largest conglomerates in India, having 22 subsidiaries with a dominant share in the automobile, farm equipment and real estate industries. The group enlisted Climate Corps fellow Riddhi Mehan to study the climate-tech start-up space in India and map its subsidiaries to relevant start-ups. She also had to structure an ESG Centre, analysed the ESG ratings system according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and list all key indicators.


  • After thorough research, Riddhi prepared an extensive database of start-ups in storage, renewable, logistics, EV and freight domains, which can assist Mahindra Group, diminish its concerns with energy efficiency and storage systems. She matched representative start-ups with the group's subsidiaries by their problem statements after performing exhaustive internal analysis. 
  • She helped the conglomerate in recognising the role of a Centre of Excellence (CoE) and structured a new ESG Centre by studying decisive case studies from around the globe. 
  • In her third project, concerned with ESG ratings, Riddhi helped the organisation in assessing the key indicators of Environmental, Social and Governance dimensions asper the Dow Jones Sustainability Index to make the reporting process simpler and more efficient for Mahindra Group.

Potential Impact

By integrating solar storage technologies with filter-less technologies, the conglomerate can minimise its electricity costs and lower Particulate Matter (PM) levels in its Automobile Vehicles and Factories, ranging from PM 2.5 to PM 10, respectively. Riddhi identified the key stakeholders of an ESG Centre and listed the weighted indicators of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for efficient reporting.

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