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Loi gave ESG training, an ESG report framework, and a guidebook for industry solid waste management.


MAHLE (China) is facing the challenge of ESG development and industrial solid waste management.  To improve the management layer's understanding of ESG content, and disclosure of ESG information, enlisted Iengieng Loi to help them research ESG and ESG reporting.  Besides, by sorting out the policies and cases of industrial solid waste in China, Loi aims to help MAHLE improve its environmental compliance management.


Loi has done the following work:

  • Develop an ESG report Framework for MAHLE(China). After reviewing the ESG and ESG reporting-related information, Loi helped the HSE department clarify concepts through debriefing and produced the MAHLE China ESG Reporting Toolkit.
  • Give training for the staff of MAHLE(China). Loi conducted ESG training for 12 employees in HR, purchasing, and GMO departments based on survey results and the supervisor's requirements.
  • Identify the solid waste management compliance gaps. Loi first developed a guidebook and checklist for industrial solid waste management through policy and case studies. After an on-the-spot investigation and consulting experts, Loi proposed a recommendation for compliance management at one of MAHLE's plants.

Potential Impact

The efforts Loi put into ESG research, training, and report framework benefits the ESG arena of MAHLE, strengthen their staff’s ESG recognition, and facilitate their ESG reporting. Besides, her work on industrial waste management helps MAHLE understand the new regulations for hazardous waste in China and avoid potential compliance fines. Those laid the foundation for building a comprehensive environmental management system for MAHLE(China). Both are important to MAHLE’s sustainability development.

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