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Xingkai Zhang conducted research on carbon abatement and renewable energy sourcing for MAHLE.


MAHLE (China) is facing the challenge of meeting its 2040 carbon neutrality target. In order to maximize benefits in terms of carbon abatement and renewable energy, MAHLE has developed a work plan in cooperation with Xingkai Zhang by studying CO2 emission factors and renewable energy sourcing.


Xingkai Zhang has done the following work:

  • Identified the weighted emission factors (EF) for MAHLE (AP), and updated the latest EF for MAHLE (China). After reviewing some official documents and MAHLE data, Xingkai Zhang calculated the weighted EF for MAHLE (AP) to improve the data accuracy, and updated the latest EF for MAHLE (China).
  • Studied renewable energy sourcing. Xingkai Zhang identified three approaches to source renewable energy (power) for MAHLE. He analyzed the three approaches - renewable energy certification, direct green power and distributed renewable energy stations, and examined how to meet MAHLE's needs while gaining maximum benefits.
  • Assessed the feasibility of on-site solar power generation. Xingkai Zhang studied the project from geospatial, technical, energy and financial aspects, and verified the feasibility of on-site solar power generation for MAHLE (China).

Potential Impact

The weighted EF provided great support to the HSE department in reviewing carbon emissions and energy consumption data. If MAHLE implements the on-site solar power generation project as planned, MAHLE could at least achieve an annual electricity production of 2271 x 104 kWh and annual CO2 reductions of 14,100 tons, with a payback period of 5-9 years. It has been assessed that around 20% of the electricity could be supplied, so in order to reach its target, MAHLE would also need to include direct purchase of green power and green certificates into its carbon neutrality roadmap.

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