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Somers, NY


Pablo Taccioli helped PepsiCo create resources for future sustainability work.


Pablo Taccioli was brought in to support PepsiCo in amplifying its resource conservation efforts by preparing a pilot and soft launch of an upgraded environmental metrics and sustainability projects database for part of the North American beverages division. The database is meant to improve sustainability metrics tracking for real-time utility monitoring and to track quantified energy and financial improvements driven through sustainability projects. In addition, it should aid in compression modeling by automatically calculating a facility’s performance compared to its peer average group, a calculation which was previously done by hand.


As part of his work, Taccioli compiled a user manual and led training sessions for eight facilities in the US and Canada. Additionally, Taccioli participated in on-site water and energy audits at three facilities. Using these experiences and the projects that the teams identified, Taccioli compiled a five-year roadmap for a “Plant of the Future." Lastly, building off of the success of 2013’s “Best Practice Toolkit,” Taccioli expanded the tactics and savings calculators with twelve additional best practices targeted at the cold filled facilities in North America. Some of best practices he documented included high pressure compressed air recovery, deaerator pump upgrades, insulating boiler tanks and installing low flow water nozzles. He worked with the resource conservation team to create a competition that would incentivize facilities to track their current best practices and reward them for implementing new ones.

Potential Impact

The sustainability projects database will provide significant benefit for uncovering the savings of future projects. The plant of the future project would reduce water and energy usage by 20 percent, and the Best Practice Toolkit could provide significant energy savings across the industry.

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