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Consumer Packaged Goods

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Industrial Energy Efficiency




Plano, TX


Abhishek Pawar created a power consumption model and scaled it to provide PepsiCo with electrical standards for numerous facilities.


PepsiCo requested that Abhishek Pawar attempt to create electrical standards for 36 facilities across the United States.


Pawar visited several facilities and collaborated with various departments from engineering through supply chain and conducted research to fully understand the manufacturing process. He successfully created a power consumption model for a typical Frito-Lay manufacturing facility and customized the model for other facilities. Developing electrical standards was a challenge. However, Abhishek with his engineering and business school background was able to lay a foundation for PepsiCo to analyze opportunity in electrical energy savings in the future.

Potential Impact

In his initial findings, using the power consumption models, he was able to identify energy savings opportunity of around $6 million annually across North America.

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