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Elizabeth Stagg created a cohesive, information database in order to increase uptake and uniformity among PepsiCo’s global resource conservation (ReCon) initiatives.


With nearly 300 manufacturing, bottling and processing plants worldwide, PepsiCo faces the ambitious task of methodizing and standardizing efforts to reduce water and energy consumption across seven different global sectors speaking multiple languages. To help these efforts, PepsiCo hired EDF fellow Elizabeth Stagg to study the current system and make improvements.


Looking across the entire resource conservation implementation pipeline, Elizabeth focused on developing and improving three key tools to increase uptake and standardization. 

  • Road to Great Performance (RGP). Through changes and updates to the RGP, PepsiCo’s database of ReCon best practices, Elizabeth helped to ensure that each sector had a cohesive, uniform slate to start from when tracking implementation of initiatives. 

  • Best Practice Projects in a Box. By coordinating and discussing with sector leads, Elizabeth was able to create a template for best practice projects that allowed for the sharing of necessary information across sectors. 

  • Training Materials. As a part of the process to redesign PepsiCo’s new hire training materials for ReCon professionals, Elizabeth was able to identify the ways in which ReCon initiatives could be standardized and incorporated from the employees first day on the job.


Taking a wholistic approach, Elizabeth was able to make incremental changes throughout the implementation process to ensure increased uniformity and uptake for Resource Conservation initiatives at PepsiCo’s nearly 300 plants. With each initiative saving anywhere from $500 to over $100,000 a year and limiting the use of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere, PepsiCo can expect to see monetary and GHG savings as a result of improving and updating their resource conservation practices and tools.

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