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Consumer Packaged Goods

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Industrial Energy Efficiency




White Plains, NY


Inesh developed calculation tools for profiling natural gas use at PepsiCo manufacturing facilities, created a tool to evaluate plant compressed air systems and statistically analyzed utility use and production line efficiencies.


The multinational food and beverage company, PepsiCo, enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Inesh Singh to identify and map points of utility consumption at a bottling manufacturing facility and suggest opportunities for energy efficiency projects. The company also wanted data on the relationship between operational efficiency and utility consumption at these sites, as well as best practices for reducing use. 


After touring several manufacturing plants and gaining an understanding of current management tools, Inesh developed two calculators. The first measures natural gas use during each process in a bottling plant and evaluates the potential for savings from efficiency projects. The second analyzes the compressed air system and identifies potential projects for improving air efficiency for that plant. Inesh then reviewed production data and performed multivariable regression analyses to define the relationships between line efficiency and utility use. He recommended 11 best practices, which if implemented at manufacturing plants, would lead to a decrease in energy use across all utilities.

Potential Impact

If implemented across all manufacturing sites in North America, Inesh’s recommendations could enable PepsiCo to save 54,060 kWh, 50,880,000 gallons, and 254,400 MMBtu annually. 

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