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Consumer Packaged Goods

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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Purchase, NY


Robert Little worked with PepsiCo to develop a data collection strategy, recycling guides and a sustainability analytics tool to improve business performance.


PepsiCo’s Office of Global Sustainability enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Robert Little to lead the external data collection for a sustainability analytics business case with the Data Excellence Team and deliver of two recycling best practices toolkits for their Sustainable Packaging Team. Little also helped develop a strategy and the initial data analysis for an internal sustainability analytics tool.


Little worked with key stakeholders across the company to develop three unique projects including:

Sustainability Business Case

Little led the external data collection strategy for a business analytics case focused on helping PepsiCo achieve their public 2025 goal to increase recycled plastics in their packaging to at least 25%. The data Little collected was structured in an adjustable format to best harmonize with data collected internally.

Recycling Toolkits

Little served as the Project Manager for the delivery of two Recycling Toolkits to help replicate PepsiCo’s most successful recycling programs worldwide.

Sustainability Analytics Tool

Little developed the methodology, coding, and initial analysis for a machine-learning assisted model that helps track and predict internal sustainability goals among PepsiCo employees.

Potential Impact

Little’s external data support for the Sustainability Business Case will increase the strength of the overall data strategy and help business partners make data-driven decision making and increase the coverage of PepsiCo’s most successful recycling programs. The recycling toolkits Little will increase recycling coverage at PepsiCo sponsored events and in schools worldwide. Little’s support in developing the internal Sustainability Analytics Tool will allow PepsiCo Human Resources & the Global Sustainability team to better track and predict internal sustainability shifts. Through these projects, PepsiCo will continue to improve internal and external sustainability performance as a global leader in the food and beverage industry.

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