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Chi Zhang helped Roche Diagnostics Suzhou to evaluate its environmental performance with an Eco-Balance calculator and proposed several energy efficiency improvement strategies.


As a global multinational healthcare company, Roche is committed not only to providing medical support to patients, but to mitigating environmental impact and climate change for many years to come. In order to actively take on environmental responsibilities and work towards a sustainable future, Roche’s first manufacturing facility in APAC, Roche diagnostics (RDSZ), enlisted Chi Zhang to build the Eco-Balance calculator and explore potential optimization and action strategies to achieve real-zero Scope 1&2 GHG emission by 2050.


Chi Zhang divided the action strategies into three parts:

  1. Construct the Eco-balance calculator for RDSZ environmental performance evaluation and eco-efficiency improvement: After reviewing several key directives and guidelines, Chi Zhang confirmed the calculation parameters and methodologies for environmental impacts relevant operation elements and designed the tool.
  2. Evaluate the environmental impacts of Y2021 based on the Eco-balance: Chi Zhang analyzed the characteristics of energy consumption, emission into air, waste treatment, and other key metrics to identify the potential environmental risks and opportunities.
  3. Propose available action strategies from two aspects of water and energy to accomplish the Eco-points reduction goals: Detailed approaches have been ranked by priority strategies and verificated with EHS, CS managers, and AEcom (A third-party company).

Potential Impact

Chi Zhang revised and built a precise and feasible calculator, Eco-Balance, to quantity the environmental impacts based on the external and internal guidelines. By this calculator, Chi calculated the Eco-points of Y2021, which expected to reduce about 13.4% compared to Y2020. Focusing on the energy consumption, the main identified contributor of Eco-Points, Chi Zhang proposed three strategies of energy conservation, energy efficiency improvement, and energy substitution to reduce the environmental impacts. 

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