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Hailin Bai built a roadmap to achieve sustainable energy future at Roche Diagnostics Suzhou.


Roche, a global multinational healthcare company, has been committed to mitigating environmental impact and climate change for many years, proactively taking actions to achieve a sustainable future. Roche enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Hailin Bai to build a roadmap to accomplish a 75% reduction in Scope 1 & 2 GHG by 2029 for Roche's first manufacturing facility in APAC, Roche Diagnostics Suzhou (RDSZ).


Bai approached the challenge using a three-part process:

  • Set reasonable scientifically based goals for RDSZ. Bai sorted out the environmental goals set at each level according to deadlines and types and set site-specific goals for RDSZ.

  • Build a tool to continuously monitor the performance of energy efficiency. Bai created the Eco-Balance Calculation Tool to evaluate the environmental impact of different activities with an internal scoring system - Eco-Balance.

  • Find possible energy substitution measures. Bai studied China's sustainable electricity market. He explored the feasibility of reaching a Sustainable Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in Jiangsu, a province without policy support.


Bai calculated the value of Eco-Balance for each of the past 20 months to adjust the energy consumption target of each energy. 

In order to reduce the Eco-Balance which non-sustainable electricity contributed (73% of the total Eco-Balance points), Bai promotes RDSZ to cooperate with the grid companies and wind power manufacturers to explore the feasibility of PPA, which is expected to achieve 100% green power by 2025, representing a reduction of 7,435 tCO2.

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