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Huixin Li assessed energy consumption, GHG emissions and environmental impacts, and assisted Roche Diagnostics in developing the 2022 Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Pathway Report.


As a global multinational healthcare company, Roche is committed not only to providing medical support to patients, but also to mitigating their environmental impact. In order to move towards a sustainable future, the Roche Group has set global sustainability goals for 2020-2050 and plans to achieve zero GHG emissions in Scope 1&2 by 2050. Therefore, Roche Diagnostics engaged EDF CC fellow, Huixin Li, to conduct a systematic analysis and develop the energy-saving and carbon reduction pathway report.


Accordingly, Huixin Li has divided the action strategy into three parts:

  1. Updating the Eco-Balance Calculator data, and verifying RDSZ’s energy consumption and GHG emissions. After verifying RDSZ’s Eco-Balance Calculator and updating the parameters, a computational analysis of energy consumption, GHG emissions and environmental impacts was carried out using the calculation module, and annual monthly comparisons were made to explore the energy differences in key Eco-points;
  2. Refining the sustainability strategy and emissions reduction pathway plan. The implementation of last year's GHG mitigation project was verified, new energy saving opportunities were identified, and a strategic plan for future energy savings was established;

  3. Developing the 2022 Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Pathway Report.

Potential Impact

Data analysis shows that the Eco-points from energy consumption and the Eco-points per capita have decreased compared to 2020. However, the increased chemical waste has led to an increase in GHG emissions from off-site incineration. Purchased electricity accounts for 80% of Eco-points, and there is significant scope for future environmental impact mitigation from PV-based self-generation and green power purchasing initiatives.

The development of the 2022 Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Pathway Report is expected to reduce GHG emissions by over 850 tons for the company.

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