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Clean and Renewable Energy, Commercial Energy Efficiency, Data Analysis, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Minneapolis, MN


Brendan Yadav analyzed energy use at the Minneapolis Capella Tower and created a financial plan for implementing energy efficiency strategies.


Shorenstein Properties, a real estate company that invests in office and mixed-use properties across the United States, is committed to energy conservation and responsible environmental practices. The company enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Brendan Yadav to evaluate and reduce energy usage at the Capella Tower, an icon of the Minneapolis skyline and a hub for retail amenities.


Yadav analyzed the Capella Tower’s energy usage by conducting energy audits, logging data, and surveying and interviewing the building staff. Yadav also estimated costs and reported on the financials of potential energy projects.

Potential Impact

If implemented, the recommendations made by Yadav could provide large savings during a 4.5 year payback period. This project could also positively impact the building’s tenant spaces by demonstrating the benefits of energy stewardship.

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