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Annual kWh Savings:

790,000 kWh

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Annual CO2 Reductions:

500 metric tons


Krishna Vansadia found opportunities for improved energy efficiency at Shorenstein Properties’ One North State Street building in Chicago.


Shorenstein Realty Services tasked EDF Climate Corps fellow Krishna Vansadia with improving the energy management program, conducting an ASHRAE level II audit, evaluating approaches for LEED certification and identifying energy and cost saving projects to increase the asset value and enhance environmental performance at One North State Street, an 800,000 office and retail building located in the East Loop Chicago. 


Vansadia worked with Shorenstein and building controls provider Siemens to identify energy saving measures via a Monitoring Based Commissioning approach for energy efficiency, and identified multiple small control measures with paybacks of less than a year – with energy saving amounting to 610,585 kWh and natural gas savings amounting to 21,389 therms. She performed trend analysis of the utility usage at One North State to improve the precision of annual utility budgeting. She prepared the energy and gas budgets for 2018 using the weather and historic utility usage data. Further she performed an ASHRAE level II energy audit for One North State Street. She calculated energy savings for a VFD and cooling tower replacement project and proposed a better approach for the gas hot water heater elimination project. She worked with a LEED consultant to perform a gap analysis and further performed cash flow analysis to identify an optimal approach to pursuing LEED certification.

Potential Impact

Vansadia’s identified measures could save 790,000 kWh totaling to $103,000 annually with an aggregate payback of 1.47 years. These measures would reduce annual CO2 emissions by 504 metric tons. Further, her work producing the ASHRAE II study, a LEED requirement, eliminated the need to pay an external consultant for this work.

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