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Commercial Energy Efficiency, Data Analysis




Ewing, NJ


Connor Donnelly saved New Jersey time and money while also reducing their CO2e emissions.


Sustainable Jersey is a sustainability certification program and nonprofit based in New Jersey. Sustainable Jersey offers tools, training, resources, and grants to help schools and municipalities reach their sustainability goals. Connor Donnelly was paired with Sustainable Jersey as a Technical Assistant to help municipalities in Monmouth and Ocean Counties with their energy tracking and management, specifically for buildings.


Connor compiled and organized information into Excel files and an Energy Tracking and Management system for each municipality. This included the municipal work needed to apply for one of the various energy efficiency incentives of buildings made available by New Jersey utility companies and the state's Clean Energy program. Along with the other Climate Corps fellows at Sustainable Jersey, Connor gave an hour-long webinar presentation specifically for schools and municipalities interested in the energy efficiency of their buildings.

Potential Impact

Connor's individual work across all three of the municipalities has the potential to reduce 248.4 metric tons of CO2e annually. Additionally, Connor identified over $3,000 for one municipality by looking through dozens of online billing accounts for anomalies. 

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