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Ewing, NJ


David Becker-Turk identified energy efficiency upgrade opportunities and incentives for New Jersey municipalities.


New Jersey municipalities have been actively engaged in efforts to curtail energy usage with the help of Sustainable Jersey. However, most municipalities lack the capacity to effectively implement energy efficiency upgrades at their buildings. Working with Sustainable Jersey, David Becker-Turk helped reduce energy usage and cut costs in four New Jersey municipalities by providing technical assistance.


At its core, Becker-Turk’s work served to connect building energy performance data to applicable incentive programs to identify the most cost-effective path to a more energy efficient future. 

  • Establishing baseline energy data was necessary for all clients. This included processing and extracting data from all utility bills for municipally controlled properties and making site visits to properties to identify all physical meters being billed to the municipality. 
  • Energy data was reviewed, and opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades were identified. The most beneficial energy efficiency upgrades were pitched to municipal decision makers.
  • For each municipality, several state- and utility-offered incentive programs were studied to determine if they would support cost-effective energy upgrades. Enrollment assistance was then provided to all clients.

Potential Impact

All four municipal clients have been put on track for energy efficiency upgrades and incentive program enrollment. Preliminary assessment of the incoming project scopes suggest that several clients will see significant reductions in energy usage and tens-of-thousands of dollars of savings through incentive programs. As a result of Becker-Turk’s assistance, each municipality now has the tools and knowledge necessary to develop and implement future energy efficient and EV projects.

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