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Project Types

Engagement and Behavior Change, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Tampa, FL


Mona Benisi focuses on printing, supply chain emissions and employee engagement to move Syniverse towards its sustainability goals.


Mona Benisi came to Syniverse with a focus on designing initiatives that could contribute toward meeting the company's 2015 Carbon Reduction Goals.


Benisi tackled four areas. First, the elimination of printing cover sheets was initiated, and double-sided printing was introduced at the Tampa office. Second, initiatives were designed to reduce supply chain emissions ten percent below 2010 levels for specific historical and current supplier emission baselines, and new sustainability criteria were added to the existing purchasing criteria. Third, an employee engagement strategy was designed, which could be implemented in Tampa and throughout Syniverse’s global offices. Last, Mona conducted a gap analysis for sustainability reporting and further identified measures for Syniverse that could enhance its goal of becoming a sustainability leader – measures that include pursuing a materiality assessment and developing a stakeholder engagement strategy.

Potential Impact

Incorporating Benisi's contributions into its 2015 Carbon Reduction Goals would reduce emissions and waste by Syniverse from several angles.

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