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Engagement and Behavior Change, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Tampa, FL


Meaghan Krohn aided Syniverse with its 2015 Carbon Reduction Goals through a materiality assessment to strengthen its sustainability strategy, an assessment of the company’s culture and other initiatives to cut carbon and energy consumption.


Meaghan Krohn worked with Syniverse to achieve progress on its 2015 Carbon Reduction Goals.


Krohn surveyed Syniverse’s global workforce to understand how internal stakeholders prioritized specific sustainability-related business aspects as they pertained to the company’s operations. Using this information, the company can guide its sustainability strategy to align with internal prioritizations of key issues. The materiality assessment is a key step in ultimately reporting on sustainability initiatives as a way to make progress on the company’s goal to become a leader in sustainability. Krohn also completed an assessment of the company’s culture regarding sustainability in efforts to better design employee engagement programs that will match the organization’s perspectives on sustainability. Based on the results of the assessment, Krohn recommended low-cost initiatives that could allow Syniverse to capitalize on its large global employee base to achieve meaningful energy and cost savings.

Potential Impact

The program is currently in the design phase and could ultimately impact all 2,700-plus employees worldwide. It could result in a possible annual savings of over $68,000 and 751,000 kilowatt hours in the Tampa headquarters alone.

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