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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Suzhou, Jiangsu


Shuaijie Shi helped GE Aviation (Suzhou) factory design an energy-saving and carbon reduction plan, which provides advice and guidance for the factory to move towards a zero-carbon future and create a zero-carbon factory in the future.


General Electric is a world-leading provider of digital industrial services, with a focus on sustainable human development. Facing great opportunities in the new era, GE Aviation (Suzhou) factory pursues low-carbon development, actively takes energy-saving and carbon abatement measures to reduce its own carbon emissions, and strives to achieve carbon neutrality and develop into a zero-carbon factory.


Firstly, Shuaijie Shi conducted an inventory of the Suzhou factory's carbon emissions over the past two years, laying the groundwork for the development of corporate carbon abatement measures, and established a methodology for corporate GHG inventories, laying the foundation for subsequent GHG accounting.

Secondly, Shuaijie Shi carried out energy saving and carbon reduction work in two ways, namely by “cutting expenditure” and “opening source”. On the one hand, through daily observation, Shuaijie Shi explored potential energy saving opportunities in the factory and advocated the construction of an integrated energy management platform to strengthen the corporate energy management. On the other hand, Shuaijie Shi conducted research on PV development and construction, engaged developers in on-site surveys, produced a feasibility study report, and conducted research on green power procurement projects. 

Potential Impact

In the future, the factory will build a 1.5 MW PV power generation system, which is expected to save a total of about RMB 4 million in electricity bills over the next 25 years, and achieve carbon reductions of nearly 30,000 tons for the factory. In the meantime, Shuaijie Shi provided guidance to the factory on building a zero-carbon factory in the future by offering suggestions for energy efficiency improvements and a green power procurement plan.

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