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Caoyu Yang helped the MAHLE Group to do a GHG emissions inventory audit, reduce carbon emissions, and design a carbon neutrality roadmap.


MAHLE Group, a global company for the automotive and engine industry, enlisted Caoyu Yang to help them perform a GHG emissions inventory audit utilizing two methods, the first goal and major task of the fellowship. The second goal was to make carbon emissions reduction a goal of MAHLE. Designing a carbon neutrality roadmap of MAHLE was the third goal.


  1. Searching global regulations, laws, and standards for a corporate emissions inventory audit.
  2. Focusing on GHG protocol, ISO 14064-1, and IPCC 2001&2019 to calculate the carbon emissions of MAHLE in 2018 and 2020, in order to choose a suitable baseline year.
  3. Setting emissions reduction goals of MAHLE according the results from second step above.
  4. Refer to successful corporate cases on carbon neutrality roadmap, helping MAHLE to design its own carbon neutrality roadmap.
  5. Finding existing and potential problems and giving scientific solutions for MAHLE.

Potential Impact

Ten weeks ago, MAHLE even didn't know  the current carbon emissions situation of the company. Ten weeks after Cayou came to MAHLE, she helped MAHLE confirm the carbon emissions in the baseline year and the carbon emissions of various factories, energy sources, and countries. A preliminary carbon emission reduction plan and carbon neutrality road map were formulated. Moreover, she also helped MAHLE find out the current problems and solutions, helping MAHLE confirm the next goal. What Cayou completed can help MAHLE reduce carbon emissions as soon as possible and get on the right path.

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