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Commercial Energy Efficiency, Data Analysis




Ewing, NJ


Ruyter Bellevue assisted a municipality and a school district in Monmouth County, New Jersey with identifying opportunities for energy efficiency and data management to obtain a Sustainable Jersey sustainability certification.


Sustainable Jersey is a leading non-profit organization that specializes in sustainability certification for over 460 municipalities and 1,025 schools  across the state of New Jersey. Through the EDF Climate Corps, Sustainable Jersey sought out Ruyter Bellevue to work closely with the Township of Aberdeen Municipality and the Township of Ocean School District to initiate their sustainability certification process.


To help the municipality and school district work towards certification, Ruyter started by developing building portfolios for all properties. He collected and analyzed utility data in eleven buildings across the municipality and school district. With this information, Ruyter was able to assist each client to seek out incentive programs offered within the state that could assist with improving the energy efficiency of the properties. These programs offer energy audits and assistance towards making recommended energy upgrades. In addition, Ruyter initiated a fleet inventory tracking system for the municipality and the school district that, once completed, will enable them to monitor their carbon footprint emissions. Through his work with the Energy Star Portfolio Manager system and in conjunction with the client goals, Ruyter prepared and submitted actions that will earn the municipality and the school district points towards certification. 

Potential Impact

Through his fellowship, Ruyter established a strong foundation for energy tracking, energy management, and energy efficiency upgrade opportunities for the municipality and school district. Ruyter met with administrators from the Township of Aberdeen Municipality and Township of Ocean School District to provide training and support for energy tracking and utilities management. In addition, Ruyter shared information on next steps for each incentive program identified, the potential financial benefits of these programs, and ongoing resources to assist with their continued work towards obtaining a Sustainable Jersey certification.

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