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Pune, Maharashtra


Richa Desai was tasked with identifying best adaptation practices for the Climate Proofing Watershed Project in Maharashtra, in collaboration with the BAIF Development Research Foundation.


The goal of this fellowship, in partnership with the BAIF Development Research Foundation, was to enhance climate resilience, elevate livelihoods, and sustainably manage resources across diverse clusters.

Originating from NABARD's Watershed Development Programme, the project integrated climate-proofing interventions to effectively address climate challenges and enhance adaptive capabilities. The aim was to foster a resilient future across the varied agro-climatic regions of Maharashtra.


  • Initiated a comprehensive vulnerability assessment to identify climatic risks
  • Developed village-level contingency plans informed by the assessment for proactive risk management and implemented sustainable resource management
  • Enhanced soil productivity through testing, vermicompost, and crop rotation
  • Integrated climate-resilient crops, diverse agro-horticulture, efficient water use
  • Fostered community engagement, indigenous knowledge, and collaborated with scientists for climate-smart strategies
  • Addressed intense rainfall, temperature extremes, pests with soil conservation, disease-resistant crops, and indigenous livestock

Potential Impact

Richa’s project outcomes include enhanced water availability, efficient water management, and village-level contingency plans reducing migration. The resulting community ownership, adaptations, and collaborations will help mitigate climatic risks while advancing Maharashtra's sustainable livelihoods.

Richa’s transformative strategies will bolster resilience across clusters, fostering livelihoods, food production, resource management, and stability.

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