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Data Analysis






Guoying Zhu improved and updated the utility KPI system at Covestro.


To monitor and evaluate the real-time energy consumption of plants, Covestro has built a utility KPI system based on data-driven methods. Currently, this system mainly implemented energy consumption monitoring and energy-saving operation guidance for cooling water towers. Covestro hopes that Zhu can improve and optimize the utility KPI system, achieve energy-saving operation guidance and standardized energy consumption analysis functions.


Zhu mainly carried out work based on the monitoring, Optimization, and normalized energy consumption functions of the utility KPI system:

  1. Based on historical data, Zhu has updated the Best Demonstrated Practice (BDP) models of the cooling water towers and added visualization of modeling results.
  2. Zhu used genetic algorithm to complete the planning and modeling of instrument air system and chilling water system.
  3. To get normalized energy consumption KPI, Zhu completed the framework of Cascade Analysis based on the historical data of two plants.

Potential Impact

Using the utility KPI system, Covestro can better monitor and evaluate the real-time energy consumption of plants, and provide guidance for operations based on the goal of optimal energy consumption. Zhu further improved the utility KPI system to enable it to manage the energy consumption of different plants more efficiently. By utilizing these new features, Covestro is expected to save over 3 million kWh of electricity annually.

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