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Data Analysis, Industrial Energy Efficiency






Jingxin Ding worked to improve energy efficiency by developing a utility KPI system.


The goal of this project is to develop a utility KPI system with functions of online monitoring, real-time forecasting feedback, and automatic self-upgrading to enhance the operating efficiency, reduce the energy consumption by online monitoring, and make optimal parameter recommendations.


The utility KPI system aims to recommend operating parameters by analysis of the parameters that affect the energy consumption of the system and optimize the algorithm to achieve the minimum system energy consumption while taking into account environmental factors and related operating factors in order to maximize the energy efficiency of the system. The fellowship focused on four systems: Cooling Water System, Instrument Air System, Chilled System, and the Ammonia Refrigeration System.

Potential Impact

Covestro continues to make efforts to achieve carbon neutrality and the ultimate circular economy and the KPI project is one of the typical projects to improve energy efficiency. It is hoped that during the implementation phase of the current project, production can flexibly adjust system parameters in time according to system operation instructions, actively practice energy conservation and emission reduction, and inject new momentum into the promotion of low energy consumption and high energy efficiency.

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