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Industrial Goods and Manufacturing

Project Type

Data Analysis






An auto-update modeling process was established to automatically update the model when new data is entered into the system.


Users can update all results, including cleaned data, built models and visualizations, by changing the system name and running the code. If the data analysis process is complete, this tool will output a message indicating that all processes have been successfully completed and all results will be saved in a different path.


Zhang found commonalities in the modeling process of different systems and decided to unify the auto-update of the modeling process by means of python setup. The features of this project can be described as follows: It helps automatically update all modeling results by easily changing the system name, it works for all systems with the same model setup concept, and the jupyter templates can be compiled to maintain or supplement the modeling function code in the future.

Potential Impact

The completion of the auto-update tool reduces the running time and effort involved in entering new data into the setup process and allows models to be obtained quickly. Future optimization of the modeling tool could help create more accurate models.

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