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Data Analysis, Food and Agriculture




Guntur, Telangana


Arun T S conducted a value chain analysis of farming crops, namely chickpea and groundnut, to assess their impact on farmer income. From the learnings of the study and a cost-benefit analysis, Arun made recommendations for value additions to these crops.


Rythu Sadhikara Samstha, a partner of GASP, aims to promote community-managed natural farming in Andhra Pradesh, India. Their marketing team enlisted Arun to assess the complete value chain of chickpea and groundnut crops, with a focus on increasing farmer profits.


Arun approached the challenge by using a three-step process:

  • Developing a research objective and design: Based on a comprehensive literature review, Arun developed a survey to find the different stages of the value chain for the two chosen crops.
  • Conducting a survey: The survey was conducted in two districts of Andhra Pradesh, with a sample size of five for chickpea and ten for groundnut.
  • Analysis: Based on quantitative and qualitative analyses of the responses received, and through field observations, Arun assessed additions in the value chain and suggested recommendations to fill any gaps. 

Potential Impact

Arun’s study helped the marketing team identify gaps in the value chains of chickpeas and groundnuts. Recommendations were derived based on this analysis to benefit farmers, improve their earnings, and promote natural farming. This study also focused on the entrepreneurial efforts farmers can take to locate optimized markets and prices for their products. 

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