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Guntur, Telangana


Dutikeshwar Ballav Das evaluated post-harvest processing techniques for cacao beans, assessed the economic viability of cacao farming, and worked with emerging start-ups to design procurement and sales strategies.


Dutikeshwar worked with the marketing team of Rythu Sadhikara Samstha to develop a sustainable value chain for cacao farming as well as assess the economic viability of cacao cultivation in natural farming. He supported the evaluation of cacao bean post-harvesting and helped farmers earn increased profits by connecting them with emerging startups in the chocolate manufacturing sector.


Dutikeshwar significantly contributed to the company's sustainability mission and vision by spearheading a pilot project focused on evaluating cacao farming practices in the east and west Godavari regions. This initiative engaged over 400 farmers and employed short-term research conducted under expert supervision.

The outcome was a comprehensive report featuring theoretical insights, graphics, and data, forming the foundation for a strategic partnership presentation by the marketing team. This collaboration aimed to foster natural cacao farming practices and secure certifications for farmers through the Rain Forest Alliance. Dutikeshwar proactively interviewed cacao farmers, various stakeholders, and think tanks, while co-hosting workshops during fieldwork.

Potential Impact

Dutikeshwar's impactful endeavors have significantly advanced the company's sustainability goals. He identified vital areas for cacao farming improvement, resulting in invaluable data and insights. This research formed the basis for strategic partnerships with major companies like Amul and 24 Mantra Organics, while facilitating farmer certifications through the Rain Forest Alliance.

Dutikeshwar's engagement with stakeholders, workshops, and his plans for a climate-smart agriculture venture have ignited transformative change in the natural farming sector, fostering environmental and economic sustainability. His exceptional contributions also earned him a Certificate of Appreciation from the CEO of RySS, further highlighting his remarkable impact.

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