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Engagement and Behavior Change




Guntur, Telangana


Rishabh Chopra assessed safety and harassment redressal mechanisms within GASP in order to structure the internal complaint committee and design the gender audit framework of the organization.


Rythu Sadhikara Samstha, a partner of GASP, aims for women to lead the initiative of community-managed natural farming in Andhra Pradesh. The gender thematic team at RySS enlisted Rishabh to assess women's safety and harassment redressal mechanisms within the organization. The project helped the organization assess gap areas and potential solutions to become more inclusive.


Rishabh approached the challenge through using a three-step process:

  • Developing a research objective and design: Based on a comprehensive literature review and guidance received from supervisors, Rishabh developed a questionnaire to find the prevalence of safety and harassment issues at the workplace. He also assessed the implementation and awareness of compulsory legal guidelines for workplace sexual harassment in India.
  • Conducting a survey: The survey was conducted with the community resource experts of the program who were “on the ground” for this project.
  • Analysis: Based on quantitative and qualitative analysis of the responses received, and through field observations, Rishabh assessed gaps and suggested relevant recommendations.  

Potential Impact

Rishabh’s research supported the gender team in assessing its current state and the gaps in its compliance with the laws around sexual harassment.This research will be used by the organization to develop its internal complaint committees and conduct training for all staff members to build awareness. The training and protocols from this study will ensure the organization is safe and inclusive, thereby helping achieve its goal of female leadership within the project.

Having gender-inclusive policies and processes will also help the organization set up the base of their gender audit framework, to mobilize additional funds in the form of grants.

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