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Raleigh, NC


Bret Collazzi helped Grubb Properties increase the value of their properties through efficiency improvements.


At Grubb Properties, fellow Bret Nolan Collazzi worked to increase the value of five investment properties in North and South Carolina through targeted energy-efficiency improvements.


Collazzi's recommendations ranged from the installation of low-wattage light fixtures, to the re-timing of HVAC systems and the elimination of waste from vending machines, laundry rooms, and swimming pools. Collazzi also conducted research on next-generation software and HVAC systems that can help Grubb track energy use across its portfolio and eliminate more waste.

Potential Impact

The recommendations could reduce annual operating expenses by $65,000, reduce Grubb’s carbon dioxide emissions by 500 tons, and cut overall power consumption by nearly 691,000 kilowatt hours, enough to power 52 single-family homes.

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