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Cary, NC


Ashley Roberts focused on rooftop solar and investigated two specific sites in Charlotte for large-scale energy efficiency upgrades.


Ashley Roberts spent her summer as the 2014 EDF Climate Corps fellow at Grubb Properties. Her project focused on the development of scalable energy management practices to be applied across the commercial portfolio and enhance energy efficiency efforts in the areas of both capital project development and operational property management.


A viable strategy to integrate rooftop solar as an investment scheme was discussed and a formal proposal for an 88 kW photovoltaic array at one commercial property serves as a model for future potential solar projects. Additionally, two specific sites in Charlotte were investigated for large-scale energy efficiency upgrades in lighting, HVAC and building envelope. Detailed proposals were submitted by independent third party engineers, and a multitude of local resources were identified for Grubb Properties to utilize as they move forward with this work.

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