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Dingrui Hou conducted a policy study of climate-related information disclosure.


CIB Research recently conducted a policy study on climate-related information disclosure. This project is aimed at researching the international mainstream standards and national policies of developed countries on climate-related information disclosure. Based on the review of the international standards and policy practices of developed countries, the project has developed several suggestions for China’s domestic climate-related information disclosure.


  • Research International standards and frameworks on climate-related information disclosure: By studying the mainstream international climate-related information disclosure frameworks and standards, including GRI, TCFD, SASB, etic., the project has identified pros and cons of the current initiatives and frameworks as well as the application of those frameworks.
  • Research national policy practices of developed countries: By studying the policy practices of developed countries, such as US and EU, the project has identified potential solutions and experiences for China’s policy design.
  • Provide suggestions for China’s policy design: By summarizing and comparing international experiences and practices, the project has put forward related suggestions on how China could build national climate-related information disclosure policies.

Potential Impact

The study has provided fundamental research on climate-related information disclosure by summarizing current mainstream practices and experiences. The implications of this study could help to devise China’s domestic climate-related information disclosure.

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