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During Zhiyuan Shi’s fellowship with China Industrial Bank Research, he assisted in researching China's ocean carbon sequestration, blue carbon, and related carbon finance.


As the global momentum to address climate change intensifies, the discourse on marine carbon sinks and blue carbon, especially within China, has gained prominence. During the fellowship with CIB Research, Zhiyuan Shi embarked on a mission to elucidate the intricate facets of marine carbon sinks. The primary objectives were to understand their application and development in China, explore the various marine carbon sequestration methods, and shed light on the emerging financial services tailored around them.

This research aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of marine carbon sinks, emphasizing their significance in China's green and blue finance landscape and their potential role in climate change mitigation.


Zhiyuan Shi assisted in completing two research reports during the fellowship.

The first report explored and introduced various marine carbon sequestration methods, their progress, and the associated financial practices. The report also emphasized their application in China and highlighted the advancements in China's marine carbon sink policies, aiming to enhance their research and deployment.

The second report focused on the current marine carbon sink technologies, their inherent risks and controversies, and provided recommendations for future marine carbon sink financial projects, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the marine carbon sink domain.

Potential Impact

This research provided a reference for ocean carbon sequestration finance and offered foundational research materials for studying the trends in the development of ocean carbon sequestration finance, exploring the role of financial institutions, and guiding increased capital allocation towards ocean carbon sequestration.

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