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Jingyan Wang helped complete two green finance monthly reports, and researched methods to promote the development of green industries.


Since carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals were put forward, the “1+N” policy system has been established. Key industries have actively carried out green transformation.

During Jingyan Wang’s fellowship with China Industrial Bank Research, she researched climate change, aiming to propound practical suggestions for China’s green development by collecting domestic and international green policies, and designing an eco-city green finance alliance program.


Jingyan Wang implemented her work in three aspects:

  • Surveyed domestic and international policies and trends related to green development, summarizing key information and assisting in the formation of two green finance monthly reports
  • Analyzed and summarized major policies and goals of the EU green transformation, formed reports, and provided suggestions for the development of green industry in China.
  • Participated in the design of the eco-city green finance alliance architectural scheme 

Potential Impact

The project’s outcomes provided timely and convenient information for customers, green finance researchers, financial institutions and other subjects. By assisting in the research of green policies in China and EU, Jingyan demonstrated best practices in promoting green development at home and abroad.

By participating in the design of the eco-city green finance alliance program, this work also provided suggestions for financial institutions to support the green and low-carbon development of architecture.

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