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Yanan Zhang identified the challenges of promoting green buildings through green finance and provided specific suggestions at CIB research.


Buildings play an critical role in energy saving. China has been devoted to promoting green buildings, while it’s still at an early stage. CIB research started its green finance business decades ago, and now it’s committed to promoting green buildings through green finance. In a bid to provide feasible suggestions for related institutions, CIB research enlisted Yanan Zhang to conduct related research and identify the challenges as well as come up with workable measures.


Yanan put forward challenges and related suggestions through the following ways:

  • Conduct literature research. Through a number of documents, Yanan had a general overview of the current situation of green building market and how green finance promotes green buildings, which laid a solid foundation for future research.

  • Conduct case analysis. Aimed at finding problems and providing workable measures, Yanan searched lots of previous cases that developed green building through green finance both at home and abroad, making comparisons and evaluations.

  • Conduct expert interviews. CIB Research’s efforts for green finance development started decades ago, so it has experienced experts that deeply cultivate into the field of green finance. By conducting expert interviews or building up green finance workshop, Yanan commanded more valuable information as to the current challenges and corresponding suggestions.


After conducting a number of researches of green building industry, Yanan identified the main challenges when developing green buildings through green finance: 

  • Undifferentiated macro-control for real estate

  • Financing obstacles of green building industry

  • Unsound management and evaluation mechanism of green building signs

  • Inactive demand side of green consumption

  • Lack of motivation of financial institutions

Then, Yanan came up with feasible suggestions for related institutions, which may be helpful to further promote green building products.

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