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Amythest Devlin created an internal process to identify opportunities to add on-site solar to complex, multi-state, JLL client portfolios.


JLL, a world leader in real estate services, faces a growing challenge with decarbonization of the built environment. In 2021 the company committed to carbon neutrality by 2040, including client sites they manage. To ensure this target is hit, the JLL Sustainability team is expanding the services it offers to clients. This team engaged Amythest Devlin to establish an efficient strategy for isolating opportunities for on-site solar deployment within client portfolios.


Amythest continuously engaged internal stakeholders including the EVP of Industrial Property Management, and the VPs of both Sustainability and Clean Energy to understand overlapping interests, needs, and concerns. This iterative engagement across multiple steps of the project development highlighted critical needs, resulting in a two-step approach utilizing new tools:

Step 1: A method for assessing economic and regulatory favorability, customizable per client for on-site solar implementation. This analytical platform enables JLL consultants to examine a client who has locations in multiple states and abate the portfolio, uplifting locations in the strongest performing states. 

Step 2: A multi-variable property analysis tool to review suitability for on-site solar. This second step categorizes and ranks locations, utilizing indicators gathered from stakeholders, creating a roadmap for implementation across a portfolio.

Potential Impact

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the new process, Amythest utilized a client portfolio with 186 locations spread across 17 states. The first step reduced the portfolio by 54% and the second step highlighted five client locations which hold the strongest economic cases for on-site solar implementation. Between these five sites, there is a combined capacity of roughly 30,000 MWh of annual renewable generation, and upwards of $102 million in solar lease revenue for the client over the next 25 years. 

As a result of Amythest’s work at JLL, the company is now positioned to increase its competitiveness with its on-site renewable consulting practices and can bring clients customized proposals that highlight opportunities for decarbonization and increased revenue streams through renewable energy generation.

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