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Zhu Chuan analyzed LONGi’s suppliers’ data and proposed a project plan report for the next step of creating a green supply chain.


LONGi green energy, which is based in Shaanxi Xi’An, is the world’s most valuable solar technology company. In order to fulfill corporate responsibility, LONGi joined SBTi initiative and started building a green supply chain. However, the cut-in point of the work and the related plans remained unclear and made the construction of the green supply chain difficult to carry on. To help find suitable directions and plans, Zhu Chuan came to LONGi to start his fellowship.


Zhu used a three-part process to achieve his goals:

  1. Collecting suppliers’ data and other business cases to make all preparations: After analyzing suppliers’ data, the results revealed that carbon management should be the cut-in point of the construction of a green supply chain.
  2. Identify the work for next steps: After communication and discussion with LONGi’s supply chain management center, Zhu began to write LONGi green supply chain project planning reports.
  3. Design a questionnaire for specific suppliers: Based on LONGi’s Scope 3 emission data and related suppliers status, Zhu designed a questionnaire for the supply chain management center to understand suppliers’ enterprise information, current status of carbon management, and existing difficulties and needs.

Potential Impact

If the construction is carried out according to the project planning report, the project is expected to influence more than 30 suppliers and more than 200 managers from suppliers’ factories will take training lessons in carbon management.

As a result, LONGi could have a clear work plan for the construction of a green supply chain and the key suppliers could have a more comprehensive knowledge in carbon management. And with the realization of LONGi’s SBTi, even the carbon neutral target will be benefit.

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