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Wenjun Chen helped LONGi group develop its GHG Emission Analysis Report for 2019 and set the Science-based Targets by 2030.


As the world's largest manufacturer of solar monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic products, LONGi Group looks forward to promoting the "Solar for solar" concept by combining the RE100 strategy in a targeted manner. To actively take environmental responsibilities and make a future sustainable development roadmap, the Group enlisted Wenjun Chen to analyze company-wide carbon accounting, complete CDP’s climate change questionnaire and developed the initial roadmap and methodologies for the enterprise-wide Science-based Targets by 2030.


 Wenjun Chen approached the challenge using a five-part process:

  • Improved the GHG emissions calculator tool for LONGi. Based on reviewing several academical paper and visited one silicon chip plant, one battery plant, and one component plant and communicated with the EHS managers on site, Wenjun collaborated with another Climate Corps fellow to identify several shortcomings of the initial version of tool and improved the tool to  make it more accurate and user-friendly.  

  • Collect data from all plants, including 17 factories and 8 operation business centers globally. Wenjun worked with her supervisor and another Climate Corps fellow to finish a one-to-one training workshop and more than 20 data verification meetings with all EHS managers. 

  • Analyze GHG emission of LONGi. Based on the results of carbon accounting, Wenjun completed the final statistic form - LONGi 2019 carbon accounting schedule & data summary and developed LONGi's GHG Emission Analysis Report of 2019. 

  • Finish CDP’s climate change questionnaire Part C5-C7. Combining with the final results of carbon accounting and LONGi’s climate management procedure, as well as the identifications on potential environmental risks and opportunities, Wenjun completed the Part C5-C7 of CDP’s climate change questionnaire.

  • Set Science-based Targets by 2030 for LONGi. Referring to the analysis report of GHG emissions and Science-Based Target Setting Manual (Version 4.1), Wenjun helped LONGi develop the initial roadmap and methodologies for the company’s Science-based Targets by 2030 and completed introduction slides of setting process and logistic.


This is the first year that LONGi completes its corporate-level carbon accounting. Based on the necessity and actual situation of the initial accounting, LONGi's current accounting inventory only includes the greenhouse gas emissions of Scope 1 and Scope 2.

The largest and most noteworthy part of LONGi's GHG emissions comes from electricity consumption. However, electricity cannot be completely replaced in near future. Thus, LONGi actively promotes the concept of "Solar for solar", striving to be a clean energy porter and amplifier, and fulfilling its solemn commitment to RE100 and the entire society.

The improved GHG Emission Calculator tool, GHG-related data collection workflow, and completed GHG emission reports can all facilitate and provide reference for LONGi's future carbon accounting work.

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