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Xi'an, Shaanxi


Yiming Xu identified the pathways toward RE100 and carried out an economics analysis for LONGi.


In 2020, LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (LONGi) joined the RE100 initiative launched by the Global Climate Group, committing to achieve 100% renewable electricity in production and operations worldwide by 2028. LONGi engaged Yiming Xu to study the pathways toward the RE100 target and carry out economic analysis.


Yiming Xu proposed three pathways to achieve the RE100 target and carried out economics analysis:

  • Certification of grid-based green electricity. Using logistic regression analysis, the proportion of certifiable grid-based green electricity was calculated based on the predicted proportion of grid-based renewable electricity.
  • Installation of rooftop distributed PV. Assuming that all available roof area of existing and new plants is installed with PV, future roof-top PV generation was predicted.
  • Purchase of green electricity certificates or green electricity trading. The portion that cannot be achieved through the first two pathways would be filled by purchasing premium green electricity.

The latter two pathways were analyzed for economics.

Potential Impact

Allbirds intends to use Goydan’s recommendations to continue to forge strategic partnerships to use renewable electricity across the supply chain. The tool and guidance document will track electricity consumption to identify and prioritize facilities for engagement on renewable energy in line with a company goal of 100% renewable energy by 2025.

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