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Chunping Wang developed an environmental checklist and improved energy efficiency at one of MAHLE's manufacturing plants.


MAHLE, one of the largest automotive and engine suppliers worldwide, enlisted Chunping Wang and Cristhian Chicaiza to its facility in Shanghai to develop an environmental checklist and improve energy efficiency of the manufacturing plant there. The first task was all about evaluating the environmental risks of MHALE’s suppliers in China since the country is now embracing the increasingly stringent environmental regulations and enforcement. The second task was focused on analyzing the energy consumption of filter manufacturing factory at this facility, as well as identifying practicable energy-saving solutions.


After reviewing the current Chinese environmental regulations, national standards and the most typical environmental violation cases from the business sector, Wang and Chicaiza developed an environmental checklist that MAHLE can use to evaluate its own suppliers in China. In addition, they conducted comprehensive energy data assessment, focusing on the most energy-intensive areas and equipment in the manufacturing plant. Based on energy data analysis and onsite energy audits, Wang and Chicaiza proposed five projects to MAHLE to improve the energy efficiency at the plant at the end of the fellowship. Their solutions include the installation of a heat recovery system for the air compressor system, additional insulation layer for the injection machine, the acquisition of a new compressor in a strategic point, an onsite solar system onsite, as well as the upgrade of the current steam boilers. Besides that, Wang and Chicaiza also organized a “Treasure Hunt” activity at the manufacturing factory to engage with both the frontline production and maintenance staff to increase energy-saving awareness and promote behavior change.

Potential Impact

The five proposed projects would allow MAHLE to save up to $143,000 in net operating costs, offset 724,380 kWh of electricity consumption, and avoid an equivalent of 672 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. Since most of the proposed projects have a payback period less than 2 years, they were well accepted and supported for near-future implementation by the manufacturing plant managers and the HSE director of the facility. 

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