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Jingxuan Xu conducted energy audit and proposed renewable energy procurement plans for MAHLE.


MAHLE Group, a global company for the automotive and engine industry, enlisted Jingxuan Xu to help conduct onsite energy audits and analyze the carbon emissions of the power system. The first goal was to determine critical energy-consuming areas/equipment and propose practicable projects. The second goal was to research and analyze the carbon emissions of power system and explore opportunity for renewable energy procurement in China.


Based on energy data assessment, the most energy-intensive equipment and process were found. After in-depth study of the process, three projects for energy saving were elaborated, which are related to the operation of water chiller at variable temperature, modification of water pump system and water treatment method of cooling water system. 

Moreover, a detailed phased investment plan was proposed to facilitate the implementation of the projects. Besides, a “treasure hunt activity” was held to receive feedback from the frontline production and maintenance personnel. 

Electricity emission factors for different energy sources were collected and analyzed as a reference for the carbon emission analysis of 15 factories in MAHLE China. Renewable energy procurement mechanisms and feasible plans were proposed.


The three proposed projects would allow MAHLE to save up to ¥1,843 thousand in net operating costs, offset 508,878 kWh of electricity consumption and avoid the equivalent of 358 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. The phased investment plan project presented a payback period lower than 1 year, they were socialized with good acceptance by managers as well as the director of the HSE department.

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