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Eduardo Rotama supported Schneider Electric in creating tools to streamline data collection, reporting, and calculations for Scope 3 and Saved & Avoided emissions.


Schneider Electric is a global leader in digital transformation, energy management, and automation solutions, providing energy and automated digital solutions for enhanced efficiency and sustainability. As part of its sustainability impact commitments, Schneider aims to reduce Scope 3 emissions and to enable customers to save and avoid emissions.

Eduardo Rotama was assigned the task of developing tools to enhance Schneider's capabilities in collecting, tracking, and calculating Scope 3, and saved/avoided emissions.


Eduardo supported the team by building three tools to streamline carbon data management and calculations related to Schneider’s products and services:

  1. Scope 3 Reporting Forms: Facilitating the roll-up of data from across business divisions while also generating clear visualizations for stakeholder communication at multiple levels
  2. Saved & Avoided Emissions Tracker: Making it easier to see goal progress and contributions from different parts of the business according to different potential scenarios
  3. Saved & Avoided Emissions Assessment Tool: Helping teams do an initial assessment of potential impacts from different offers using a step-by-step guide

Each tool is accompanied by a comprehensive instructions document to make them easy to use and maintain moving forward.

Potential Impact

Eduardo supported Schneider Electric's Energy Management Strategy Sustainability Team in building tools to improve their capability to quantify, forecast, and visualize Scope 3, and saved/avoided emissions. These tools streamline calculations and generate visualizations to communicate progress to key stakeholders. These tools will help to advance Schneider Electric's ability to track and communicate its contribution to decarbonization.

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