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Juan Merlo identified how Schneider Electric could influence sustainability public policy in the United States.


Schneider Electric aimed to solidify its position as one of the world's most sustainable companies in the US, not just through its products and operations but also by promoting the electrification and decarbonization of the economy. To achieve this, Juan Merlo was brought in by the Power Products Division of Schneider Electric to devise a strategy for influencing US sustainability public policy.


Juan approached the challenge by:

  1. Identifying and describing the value of Schneider Electric Power Products insSustainability. This part was essential to understanding what makes Schneider Electric more sustainable and influential in US sustainability policy.
  2. Creating a connection between the tasks completed in various divisions at Schneider Electric. This company has nearly 140,000 employees globally. It was essential to build a bridge between various teams, including government relations, Europe operations, sustainability business divisions, technical teams, and services, to develop a comprehensive strategy.
  3. Mapping policies, regulations, and programs that Schneider Electric can influence in the short and medium term. This includes specific steps to follow, a connection with the projects in progress in Power Products, relevant actors in the process, an assessment of opportunities this influence can bring, and an analysis of leading firms in the market.

Potential Impact

After completing the fellowship, Schneider Electric's Power Products Division realized the importance of public policy for both sustainability and business strategies. They gained valuable insights into the sustainability efforts of leading firms in the market and how they participate in policy.

As a result, Schneider could compare itself with their biggest competitors’ efforts in sustainability. Most importantly, public policy became a tool and motivator for Power Products to accelerate sustainability projects and connect with other divisions to maximize marketing and sales opportunities. 

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