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Reuben Schwartz was enlisted to help Shorenstein find ways for tenants to reduce energy use.


Reuben Schwartz, in the Berkeley-Columbia Executive dual MBA program, worked with Shorenstein, one of the country's oldest and most respected real estate organizations active nationally in the ownership and operation of high-quality office properties. Schwartz, an architect by training, was charged with finding ways for tenants to reduce energy consumption.


Using one of Shorenstein's office towers as a test case to incentivize changes in behavior, Schwartz identified the need to provide tenants with data that links specific actions to energy use. He recommended and oversaw installation of a web-based real time energy monitoring system, and collected baseline data to determine current tenant use and identify controllable changes available for tenants. After establishing the baseline, Schwartz worked with tenants to reveal easily achievable opportunities to reduce use, and to encourage behavior changes and set targets for further reductions.

Potential Impact

Schwartz monitored the effects of these changes, which resulted in energy savings for the tenants. With these results, he developed a guide to explain how tenants can reduce energy use, and Shorenstein hopes to replicate these savings throughout their portfolio. The company is considering implementing similar monitoring systems in other properties to raise awareness and encourage energy savings.

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