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Jaxon Love provided a full analysis of Shorenstein's existing energy efficiency program, then personally uncovered significant energy savings.


Jaxon Love spent his summer at Shorenstein Properties, a commercial real estate management firm headquartered in San Francisco, CA. The third EDF Climate Corps fellow to be hosted by Shorenstein, Love was asked to conduct an impact and process evaluation of Shorenstein’s corporate energy efficiency program


Love adapted methodology used for evaluating utility energy efficiency programs. He found that Shorenstein’s corporate program was responsible for saving:

• $1.7 million in annual energy cost

• 12.3 million kWh annually

• 1,400 kilowatts of average demand

• 4,800 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually

The program’s impact represents the equivalent of taking 1,130 homes off the electric grid and 940 cars off the road. Love also identified an opportunity for thermal energy storage at a Shorenstein property in Southern California. He found that by chilling stored water during off-peak hours, the property would save significantly on annual electricty cost. In addition, Love consulted with Shorenstein’s G.R.E.E.N. Committee, drafting a green leasing policy guide for property managers and developing content for the firm’s corporate sustainability website.

Potential Impact

Love's chilling plan would provide $120,000 in annual electric energy cost. The project will be implemented as part of a planned expansion of the site and has a simple payback of three years.

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