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Jaxon Love returned to Shorenstein Properties to create an electric submetering system for tenants. While there, he identified additional potential savings in the areas of lighting, PC power management, and appliance control.


During his second consecutive Climate Corps fellowship with Shorenstein Properties, Jaxon Love worked on an electric submetering system for tenants. The system, which is expected to be approved for implementation in 2012, gives tenants control over their energy costs – a direct incentive which addresses a major barrier to energy efficiency in multi-tenant commercial office buildings.


Love also identified a number of technical opportunities to save energy and energy costs. He recommended lighting controls that could save 819,000 kilowatt hours and 400 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. The lighting technology dramatically reduces annual operating hours for lights and allows for occupancy and daylight harvesting control at each fixture. He identified further potential savings through PC power management for Shorenstein computers, as well as shutting off kitchen appliances such as coffee pots and water coolers. Additionally, Love benchmarked the energy, carbon dioxide, water and waste performance of Shorenstein’s 12-million-square-foot real estate portfolio and made recommendations for the company’s LEED recertification program. 

Potential Impact

In total, Love identified opportunities that could save Shorenstein $300,000 over their lifetimes.

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