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Lindsay O'Neill-Caffrey developed measurement and monitoring tools to meet energy and water efficiency goals, recommended capital improvements and implemented corporate sustainability initiatives at Shorenstein Properties.


EDF Climate Corps fellow Lindsay O'Neill-Caffrey was brought onboard Shorenstein Properties to uncover numerous efficiency projects at the 1407 Broadway property in Manhattan, New York. The real-estate group was interested in analyzing the building’s current performance, as well as developing efficiency projects to reduce consumption and operating expenses. 


Lindsay set baselines and identified inefficiencies throughout the building system to develop a comprehensive understanding of the newly acquired property. Working alongside the Manager of Engineering Services, she recommended optimizing the HVAC system by implementing a tertiary electric chiller to reduce full-capacity loads on the HVAC unit for shoulder months or light loads, adding water-cooled VRV units to fifteen of the high-rise floors and improving ventilation by returning pre-conditioned air to the base unit through an exterior mounted air duct. Lindsay also recommended reviewing the minimum lighting efficiency standard, utilizing a cloud-based water-use tracking platform for data accuracy and upgrading fixtures to low-flow technologies. Her efforts pivoted to focus on piloting the LEED Dynamic Plaque, engaging tenants in the energy efficiency dialogue through an occupancy survey and working with the Manager of Sustainability to conduct the Flip the Switch workshop.

Potential Impact

Savings from upgrading the 1950s steam powered HVAC system have the potential to reduce operating expenses by $250,000 annually and the lighting standard will contribute to efficiency gains over time for 1407 Broadway. By tracking and monitoring water use, the property can better understand the building’s end uses and develop strategies for reduction. The tenant occupancy survey gives a better understanding of the property’s uses and the developed reference guide has become a part of Shorenstein’s company-wide emergency preparedness protocol. Through the Flip the Switch workshop, an e-recycling initiative was born and the building will be evaluating the potential for LEED over the next few years.

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