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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Ewing, NJ


Zachary Koser focuses on energy tracking, auditing and management to create a guide for schools and school districts through Sustainable Jersey.


Zachary Koser was enlisted by Sustainable Jersey to develop a set of energy actions to be utilized for the organization’s Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification program launching in fall 2014. This work was enriched through collaboration with a task force of energy experts, a stakeholder working group and Sustainable Jersey staff.


Koser constructed four energy actions including energy tracking, energy management and energy auditing. These actions can guide schools or school districts through the process of implementing best-practice energy strategies. This includes guidance on using Energy Star Portfolio Manager and New Jersey’s Clean Energy Programs (NJCEP) financing programs while also infusing energy conservation into the program. Koser also created a guidebook aimed at providing information relevant to school and school’s districts with unique characteristics. This included best practices for choosing an energy management system, financial analysis, and measurement and verification of energy upgrades.

Potential Impact

Koser’s work will also be utilized to update related energy actions in Sustainable Jersey’s municipal certification program. This program currently has over 400 participants, and these school energy actions have the potential for similar wide reach across New Jersey schools and school districts. 

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